Multi Ultra Perfect is just what I feel like whenever I do not see pavement.

I do not know why I ran my first 110km trail race. I ran it alone through the night. I do not know how. But I do know that every time I face myself, tired and drained but still going strong. I grow.
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Last year I got a pair of Leguano. A barefoot shoe made in Germany (a nice detail) that looks like what we call sockeplast in Sweden. Truly minimalistic and has a really snug fit. For those who say of course it’s snug since it’s a sock, making a sock fit well is not entirely easy. The shape of the rubber sole has a lot to do with this, flowing along the shape of the foot as well as poking up just enough to give traction in every part of the step. From a construction point of view I am glad Leguano glued an entire sock on a sole instead of making some-kind of upper that would just come loose. In combination with the mix of textiles in the weave, it has proven to be a durable barefoot experience for softer trails and branchless paths.

Interestingly enough as promised, the grip on snow was good although the sock design does not protect from wind making it a bit chilly in the long term. The fabric contains Merino wool which gave some comfort. Looking at traditional mukluks, Allowing the foot to work through a flexible sole is a strong solution, circulating blood and helping it to stay warm. Modern stiff hiking soles need to isolate more since the foot is essentially passive.

While the box and information needs some graphic attention, the product is really well done and if you are curious to try, have a look at ->

I came home from work today on my tour skiis and decided to visit a small peak nearby while I was out. As I was moving upwards a few snowmobiles with riders staring at me drove by as if they were wondering why on earth I was skiing up. For me it’s simple.

I enjoy it way more than anything with an engine.

I as well as others can continue to enjoy it in the future.

I get quality training.

It’s really neat where simple wooden skis can bring you.

View from my kitchen window, View from the top looking down at my house.

The wind always finds a way.

Yesterday me and some friends went up to a peak called Rovpentjakhe close to Marsfjället North of Saxnäs. The best thing about this tour was I got to see my house from it! so now I have seen it from both directions. Looking out my kitchen window in the morning I now know what it looks like up there. Like getting stereo view. 

And on a day like this, the mountains are glowing and even though it was very windy it is just so clear to me that number one positions in races are available to a few, tours like these are available to most. I thank the mountain for allowing us this privilege.

Tried a TRX? Why not tie one yourself. Really cheap and durable, easy to pack.

Up here, I consume experiences. Not the empty promises of things.

The best things about moving up to the mountains is just that, the mountains. Being able to just head out and find a route. The nearby hill we headed up to today was just about the right challenge for my old, yet trustworthy Vita Blixten. Falling is only about finding a way to get up.

You really only need to train one muscle. Focus on your heart and your body will follow.

Photo: Andreas Strand

A sneakpeak at the stickers for Toppturshelgen 2013! A ski mountaineering race i am organizing up in Sweden next March.

Day one, Sprint.
Day two, A vertical 950 meter climb to the top of Ryfjället.

Welcome to a small, cosy event full of experienced skiers!

That someting usually is in a certain way is never a good argument for things to be in the way they currently are.
99% of your heart rate maximum, a chase worth while and the only goal that is running away from you the more you train to reach it.

Tips for a distance kind of mind.

1. Find a way to enjoy the journey, your physical point A to B or all the things you have achieved that got you there, training, support or all the people that believe in you. Cliché, but if you do not. Ask yourself what brought you there in the first place and then go to my second pointer. Otherwise just keep on enjoying until you still need my second tip, every race has that moment.

2. Try to reach the first 1/3 of the race. Once there, imagine there is only half a third left until half way. Once half way, well then you are on your way home again = downhill + theres only half a third to 2/3 and that is so much past half way that you might as well finish.

Any thoughts? Please feel free to share your own on thinking during an ultra distance race.